Case Study: Loop1

Loop1 is a leading global IT Operations Management (ITOM) company specializing in the SolarWinds ITOM product offering and complementary solutions. 


Loop1 has a rapidly growing software development and DevOps consulting practice but needed additional support by a firm with both AWS and software development expertise to help facilitate the rapid growth they are seeing.


Code Collaborators partnered with Loop1 to provide custom software development and cloud consulting services. In addition, our team is helping Loop1 establish systems to streamline the workflow of all DevOps and cloud consulting projects. 


Our partnership with Loop1 has so far resulted in greater morale around the DevOps team and a better understanding of how to deliver solutions quickly and efficiently. In addition, we are beginning to see profitability go up in and around the DevOps practice. 

We at Loop1 have worked with Brendon, owner of Code Collaborators for almost two years and have had a formal services contract relationship with the company for several months now. Code Collaborators has been providing us high-quality service in the cloud-based DevOps space and we\'ve been very pleased. We are now discussing expanding the scope of our AWS consulting services from Code Collaborators. Brendon and his team are very knowledgeable in the AWS platform and responsive to our widely varying needs. They have helped save our company money and mistakes and we always get very good feedback from our customers on the work that CC does at Loop1. Thanks, Brendon and Cloud Collaborators

Brian Short
Director of Service Delivery


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